Boulderkei Rotterdam Gereed - Bouldering in the Park

Wahoo !! It's there at last!!! Long awaited (see previous post), but now the boulderstructure in the 'Vaanweide'-park is ready. Designed by Bart van Raaij the construction of the boulder started in july this year at the Entre-Prises factory, England - Skipton. In eight different parts the boulder was delivered in Rotterdam and construted on sight into the complete boulder. It looks stunningly good and according to Bart it's bouldering in the grades 5 and 6 but if boulders are combined the grade 7 is possible too. The next BLOK will have topo of the boulder.
The boulder is open from now on but the official ceremony will be held on the 19th of september. See ya there !!

(source: sloper.nl)

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