Worn out Climbing Shoes - BAZ 2009

Hmmm, after BAZ 2009 (Boulderevent at the sea - Netherlands) my climbing shoes defenitely have suffered a lot. Not only from the friction but the same from landing on the sand. In comparison to last year the lack of sufficient landing mats had it's downsides. A lot of sprained ankles and climbing shoes gettin heavy blows from landing on the sand. Pitty because BAZ was a super event again this year.

My shoes are defenitely in for resoling and my backup pair as well... This means thinking of a new pair, and which one I am going to get. On the short list are the following shoes:
- Boreal Crux
- Evolve Pontas
- 5.10 Project

The first one is my current shoe, the second was to expensive a year ago but certainly is a versatile climbing shoe. The last one could be another option beside the fact that most of the 5.10 shoes don't seem to fit my heel too well.
There will be only one task to set my mind to: go to the shop of Fuerza Climbing from Ad and try them all !!

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