Iker Pou - Nit de Bruixes (9a+) in Margalef

Fenomenal climbing and dito footage. Ever wondered how they make these video's? See the link at the bottom with Simon Carter behind the scenes. (zourze: Vimeo)


Push Button to Add Drama

No words needed; just watch and see for yourself!!

Avoid the Edge

A golden oldie, but in this times of digital and faster the neccesity of good old 'using maps' is stil valuable. Unless you cross the edge that is...

Steve McClure Climbing Hubble at Raven Tor

Always special to see why so few climbers dare to climb Hubble and succeed as well! Steve McClure explains why this route is so special. Few moves, all of a revolutionary intensity, linked on 14 June 1990 by a extraordinary Moon (in version rasta) who with this masterpiece produced the world's first 8c+. Even today the route stoically resists attempts (just ask Adam Ondra) and in its 22-year history, the route has been climbed a mere 6 times. All by Brits, of course: Malcolm Smith, John Gaskins, Steve Dunning, Richard Simpson and, in 2009, Steve McClure who explains here why this route is so special. Zourze: planetmountain.com


Where good ideas come from

This is a truly ingenious way of visualizing "where good ideas come from", made by Steven Johnson. Take time to watch and let serendipity take place as new insights are forming. (zourze: profoud.nl)


Ice Climbing Aurdal - Norway

Although the winter is much warmer than it used to be around this time of year, there is plenty to climb. Here we 'tackle' Liten Foss (WI3+) near Bagn in the Norwegian region Valdres. Nice blue ice, somewhat brittle here and there but good climbing on the whole.
Above Edwin in the upper region of the ca.25m long route.

Boudewijn's first lead climb in many years, but it went smoothly!
Two days before we climbed a gully with ice and a fine last pitch vertical. Here Boudewijn and I pretend to be 'running up that hill".
And ofcourse our ice climbing mascot 'mouse' is climbing as well. Ice bouldering in his case :))
(First three pics: Tim van der Linden; last pic: me)


Tempest Freerunning Academy - Pure Fun!

Tempest Freerunning Academy from The Cool Hunter on Vimeo.

Check this out! As there are climbing gyms and bouldering gyms, here's the indoor version of the freerunning as it used to be on the streets. Besides the beautiful designed gym the video is nicely choreographed too.

(Zourze: Thecoolhunter.com)


WePowder - Menno Boermans on a Snow trip USA

Menno Boermans, our Dutch photographer, mountain rescuer and winter-medic specialis, is on a road trip searching for powder (click pic). Follow his adventures, tips, infodoc's and loads of pics here.

(zourze: mennoboermans.nl)


Nordic Flower - Magnus Midtbø climbing 9A

Looking for ice climbing information in the area of Valdres, Norway (where we are going to climb in about two weeks time), I found a link to footage of Nordic Flower (Flatanger area). This route was opened and first climbed by our Dutch climbing hero Jorg Verhoeven. In this case the footage is of Magnus Midtbø climbing the 55 m, 120° Roof graded at 9A.


Ice Climbing in the Netherlands

Unsusual, but nevertheless possible; ice climbing below sea level. In the little town Bodegraven Thomas Knoope biuld a cunning construction on which he let water trickle down. Cooled with a set of copper pipes the water made beautiful steep ice, no less than 11 m high.
Stalagtites, a little overhang and perfect ice ("plastic") and even a barn in which to take a little shelter for the wind. For the first time I climbed leashless with the Black Diamond Fusions (thanx Tim!) World class hardware :))
I hereby thank Thomas again for his hospitality and generous way he let's everybody climb at his premises for free.
A week after I climbed there the (!) Dutch Ice Climbing Competition took place.


ART - Intricate carvings from used books

Ever thought about what will happen with all those books when discarded or put away in cartboxes at the attic? French Canadian artist Guy Laramée did. Based out of Montréal, Laramée is a multidisciplinary artist, writer, director, composer and anthropologist.

He uses books to create intricate fine carvings of the most elaborate landscapes. 3D views of well known places like the grand canyon or the rock temples of Petra. Both as artist as well as from philosophic point of view he presents the books as natural material showing nature's denudation. Nature becomes art and art show's nature's decay, the hardcopy books might 'denudate' into the flatland of e-books.


Urban Environmental Innovation - 2100.nu

In one year citizens and companies in the urban area Østerbro in Copenhagen, Denmark have reduced a lot of CO2 and created green innovation. See the remarkable results and get inspired to do something in your own city or urban area!

The best thing however is the common sense of awareness and urgency they have created! There are a lot of ideas and methods of reducing the human inpact on the environment. The hardest part though is to mobilize people to act on a larger scale than one houshold. This initiative has reached that goal, which I think is far more important at this stage than reaching a very respectable 10% recuction of CO2.

(zourze: 2100.nu)


Brillant gig by the band Pickwick from Seattle. Reminds me of music from..., yeah what?? Just listen en make up your own mind.

Live From The Basement - Pickwick (bonus track) from Sound on the Sound on Vimeo.


FieldCandy Tent - Customize your tent

If you want to stand out against the mediocre and boring tents around you on a festival you can order your own print on your tent.
Through a two-year development process, Jersey, UK-based FieldCandy has created something never seen before. They selected a group of 20 or so artists and designers – photographers, graphic designers, illustrators, branding and advertising designers – to create designs that were then transferred to the ultra-light, waterproof flysheet that covers the two-person tent.
Only twitch: they're not cheap, ranging from 340 to 1.100 dollars....
(Zourze: thecoolhunter.com)


Ned Feehally - Bouldering Highball Samson - Burbage

Ned Feehally has repeated Samson at Burbage South. The route (or highball boulder problem) breaks left from the classic offwidth of Goliath. Ned soloed the route above bouldering mats and his ascent is thought to be the fourth overall.

First climbed by Jerry Moffatt in 1997 and graded E9 7b, it has since been regraded at E6 7a, however the E grade is fairly meaningless on this desperate but short route-come-boulder problem. The boulder grade is thought to be highball 8A.

Life On Hold - Samson Preview from Outcrop Films on Vimeo.

(zourze: thelowdown)


Punks in the Gym - Footage

Smitten: Punks in the Gym (5.13d/14.a) from Rock & Ice on Vimeo.

Ascent bij Australian climbers Jarmila Tyrril and Zac Vertrees in the testpiece of Wolfgang Güllich. Punks in the Gym was established by Wolfgang Gullich in 1985. At the time, this was the hardest route in the world at a debatable grade of 5.13d or 5.14a. I've seen the rock and felt the impossible-to-hold-holds the route contains of. It's magnificent colours and surroundings add to the entourage of it all.

By the way, this video is a sneak-peek segment from the new Australian climbing film SMITTEN. For more info on the movie and how to purchase it, visit smittenthemovie.com.au.

(zourze: rock&ice.com)


Dutchie Jorg Verhoeven climbs 9A - Video report

Pure Imagination 5.14d (9a) from jorg verhoeven on Vimeo.

Jorg Verhoeven, the climbing Dutchie, Climbs his fourth 9A (5.14d) Pure Imagination in the USA. Coincidence (or not), it is captured on Video, which is a rare occasion! Even more weird is the skip in the footage at 4.45minutes. What happened there?

(Zourze: bladoverklimmen.nl)


Tourboarding in the "old" days

It was back in 2004 and I just bougth a second hand splitboard. The idea was to go up to Plan de Aiguille, do some ice climbing and board down the Glacier. It turned out not to be the right place to board... To much icy slopes and to much kilo's on the back.
After a very cold night we made it down to Chamonix in one piece. I prefer Powpow !!


The Hulk - Peter Croft mentors Lisa Rands on Venturi Effect 5.12+

Climbing legend Peter Croft mentors boulderer Lisa Rands on the finer points of alpine free climbing during an ascent of Venturi Effect, Croft's spectacular route on The Incredible Hulk, in California's Sierra Nevada. This is the second installment in the Origins series, presented by Evolv shoes with The North Face and Mountain Gear. Featured on the 2010 REEL ROCK Film Tour DVD and HD Download. www.bigupproductions.com. www.senderfilms.com.

This is awesome footage !! Watch and feel the urge to become green yourself :))

(zourze: bigupproductions.com)


Adam Ondra Bouldering Terranova 8C+

Adam's hardest boulder until now, Terranova 8C+ stands for difficulty and "not for the most beautiful, exposed line in the world." he says. Although the different sections of the 16 move boulder have different grades he stil classifies is as a 8C+. Let the reapeats begin and see what others make of it.

(zourze: CzechClimbing.com)