New Rock Climbing Guide Mallorca 2011

"This book is not yet available", the website says but in the meantime everyone anticipates it being published in the week beginning 7 March.

The Mediterranean island of Mallorca is now well-known as a sport climbing destination. Since the last Rockfax in 2006, it has also established itself as the home of Europe's best deep water soloing (Check Kingline by Chris Sharma)

It is said that the Mallorca Rockfax brings together all the sport and DWS into one book. The sport section includes seven crags that haven't appeared in the previous books plus many new routes and sectors at the existing crags, and the DWS section combines the work from the Rockfax book Deep Water, and the Rockfax PDF MiniGuide Mallorca Deep Water Soloing

It looks like a big fun place to be and explore the climbing possibilities. Combine this with the mostly superb weather and it's a sure-to-go-location.

(for more details check: Rockfax.com)

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