New Trad Climbing Gear - Helium Friends Wild Country

It's been a while since I have been trad climbing, but one of my best feats in trad climbing was topping the famous Oceano Irrationale in Val di Mello, Italy. Never have been in such a demanding route (for me that is :)) and enjoying the crag climbing at the same time.

The older cams of Wild Country have been my 'friends' for a long time since but the newest ones seem to be mor flexible in material as well as in range:
HELIUM FRIEND ESSENTIALS Up to 6% lighter per unit.
Up to 20% more range per cam. Bigger overlaps with adjacent cams. Bigger overlaps with alternate cams. Longer reach and deeper placements. Smoother triggering. Nine cams will be available.

Hot Forged Cam Head, Thumb Loop Trigger,m Moulded Thumb GripSprings, Trigger Stop, Stem Cover, Size Label, Low Profile Riveting, 12mm Dyneema Sling, Short Termination
(source: planetfear.com)

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