MyHab - Recyclable Portable Shelter

A reusable/recyclable, luxury accommodation service for festival-goers, that is an affordable, green alternative to a soggy tent. The myhab service saves festival-goers the hassle of taking and pitching a tent. It also helps the organisers by reducing the number of orphaned tents they have to get rid of. myhab is the new way to enjoy festivals.
This is how Myhab promotes their product. A practical sollution for the lazy festival goer or the city that wants to promote their green innovative solution to the massive amount of new students each year.... The problem is, it was designed for the soggy and wet summers of Brittain. And their service, they will set up camp for you with nummerous extra's, is limited to their Island. Bummer, because is looks great and it is a fine example of green entrepreneurship.
Check the website for more details.

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