BAZ 2008 - Bouldering with Güllich in mind

(pic by: Miriam Sanders)
Perfect sunny weather, a gentle breeze, MONK-coffee at hand, three huge boulder constructions and 900(!) motivated contestants were the ingredients for a stunning boulder event held at the Scheveningen beach last saturday. We, (Tim, David, Martijn, Maurice and Joost) distinguished ourselfs not by our bouldering capacities but for sure by our T-shirts. In memory of the death of Wolfgang Güllich Maurice and I made this T-shirt with one of his legendary one-liners "Man geht nicht NACH dem klettern einen Kaffee trinken, sondern Kaffeetrinken IST een Teil des kletterns". A thought we put into practise several times during the day.
Again BAZ 2008 was a stunning example of a perfect organized bouldering event. Three huge bouldering constructions lay await for us. Overhanging routes, mantle-moves, delicate smearing and dyno's were all there for the climbers to test one's ability. The perfect weather, sunny and a gentle breeze, added to the relaxed atmosphere and provoked questionmarks by the onelookers who were wondering from what planet these climbing-creatures came from. As pics say more than words hereby a few who were shot by Martijn, Tim, Joost and me (names added with the pictures).

(pic above: sun, wind and boulderine at the beach. What more do you want? - by Martijn v/d Linden)
(pic under: feeling strong - by Tim v/d Linden)

(pics: by Paschnampook)

left: Maurice before the blister..

right: Tim outstreched

under: total concept: music, beach and bouldering.

under: Fuerza sale on the beach, but soon going online with the webshop. Check it out !
under that: primary colours boulders meets lighthouse

up: 900 contestants but BAZ is spatious enough

under: boulder streetart

up: someone is happy with his coffee... Mmmmmaurice

up: Monk as provider for boulders and coffee

under: Flamenco mucis meets Haagse Harry

under: Coffee is important, but Prosecco is the party-starter

under: BAZ finals in artistic light. Muriel Sarkany starts her winning route.

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