Japanese Bouldering Scale - U're up for some Judo?

Tijdens het surfen kom je soms verrassende dingen tegen, zoals op 'ThousandCranes.blogspot' de website van Jonas Wiklund. Hij heeft een poging gedaan om, voor diegenen die in Japan gaan boulderen, een vergelijking te maken met de Fontainebleauschaal. Lees hieronder de herkomst van de waardering of ga voor diepgaander beta naar deze link

The Japanese system for grading boulder problems originated in Ogawayama. It's based on the same principle as the kyū/dan system first applied to martial arts by Kano Jigoro, the founder of judo; so if you have flailed about with arms, legs, or sticks, all dressed up in a pyjamas you know how it goes: 10-kyū or jūkyū, the tenth grade, demands the least amount of skill. As your skill progresses you pass 9-kyū, 8-kyū, and down to 1-kyū. After that you reach shodan, the first dan, or literally the “first step”. This is where you get a black belt – and serious training is supposed to commence. In bouldering shodan starts around the 7a+/V7 mark, and it may be possible to reach the dizzying heights of the sixth step, rokudan, by climbing “Wheel of Life”, 8c+ on the Fontainebleau scale.

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