Climbing Clause with new Job

Yesterday I read an article about an emplyer who lured new employees with a Windsurfing Clause. It states as much that if the weather circumstances for windsurfing are good, the employee may surf during working hours! Though this is allowed twice a month and only if it does not interfere the appointments scedule with clients, the remaining work has to be done in the evening hours. Still a appropriate aggreement! Could such a deal be made for climbing as well ?! In this times of deficit in the labor market I think employers are more easily inclined to make such deals.
So in the negotiations for the conditions of employment the following statements may be heard: 'Ah yes, and besides the holiday pay and an additional month's salary in december I would like to have stated in my contract that I may leave my work twice a month to climb the rocks of my choice. With a climbing partner, ofcourse, who needs the same clause in his/hers contract. Which you will arrange as well.' har, har ! The good times are coming.
(p.s. the article above is fake and has no relation whatsoever with this blog post)

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