Ice Climbing Aurdal - Norway

Although the winter is much warmer than it used to be around this time of year, there is plenty to climb. Here we 'tackle' Liten Foss (WI3+) near Bagn in the Norwegian region Valdres. Nice blue ice, somewhat brittle here and there but good climbing on the whole.
Above Edwin in the upper region of the ca.25m long route.

Boudewijn's first lead climb in many years, but it went smoothly!
Two days before we climbed a gully with ice and a fine last pitch vertical. Here Boudewijn and I pretend to be 'running up that hill".
And ofcourse our ice climbing mascot 'mouse' is climbing as well. Ice bouldering in his case :))
(First three pics: Tim van der Linden; last pic: me)

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