Punks in the Gym - Footage

Smitten: Punks in the Gym (5.13d/14.a) from Rock & Ice on Vimeo.

Ascent bij Australian climbers Jarmila Tyrril and Zac Vertrees in the testpiece of Wolfgang Güllich. Punks in the Gym was established by Wolfgang Gullich in 1985. At the time, this was the hardest route in the world at a debatable grade of 5.13d or 5.14a. I've seen the rock and felt the impossible-to-hold-holds the route contains of. It's magnificent colours and surroundings add to the entourage of it all.

By the way, this video is a sneak-peek segment from the new Australian climbing film SMITTEN. For more info on the movie and how to purchase it, visit smittenthemovie.com.au.

(zourze: rock&ice.com)

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