ReUse - ReCycle - ReInvent

Rotterdam has a atelier/workshop where ordinary objects are given a second life; the re-use and re-invention of products. Beautiful products which some I would like to give a place in my house as well. Well.... besides the bycicle that is :)) Recycling with a touch of art and urban feeling, or as they describe it themself: Studio HeStudio Hergebruik / Re-use Studio displays work by artists and designers from all creative disciplines that focus on re-use and recycling of materials or concepts.Numerous functions are combined. Besides premises for a shop, gallerie and conferences, workspaces for educational activities have also been designed. Designers often make use of our facilities when developing prototypes. All areas of Studio Hergebruik are open to the public.Workshops, lectures and masterclasses are held in conjunction with vocational and higher education institutions.

(source: studiohergebruik.nl)

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