Leo Houlding interview after The Prophet on El Capitan

An interview was held with the British rockclimber Leo Houlding after his first ascent of The Prophet on El Capitan, Yosemite, USA. A feat he carried out with his climbing partner Jason Pickles in 6 days in october 2010. The route is grades as E8 7a, 5.13d R, 8b with a length of 510m.
In the interview Leo states: 'a first ascent on El Capitan is, in my eyes, the ultimate achievement in rock climbing... we did it in the best style we could, it's fantastic. It's a lifetime achievement'.

Being a project for Leo for the past ten years (!)'. Maybe his new route will become one of the 'new' classics on El Cap one day.
The full interview is found here.

Coincidently I have watched the climbing movie 'To the center of the universe' of Alexander Huber climbing in Yosemite. Still inspiring to watch !! (see this trailer).

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