Dutch Environmental Film Festival - DEFF

The Film Festival introduces itself as: We're Strawberry Earth and we proudly present the Dutch Environmental Film Festival (DEFF), an annual platform for the best international, environmental films and documentaries. Each year DEFF screens major international and national premieres, hosts inspirational speakers and creative green organisations, and organises memorable festival parties with talent from the European DJ and live music scene. DEFF is the only major international film festival in the world that uses 100% of all money raised to make the screening venues eco friendlier. Thanks to the support of energy company Greenchoice - and all our other sponsors and partners - DEFF has grown to become one of Europe's premier environmental film festivals. Come and see for yourself, June 3 - 6

One of the starring films is about 'the lazy environmentalist' being Josh Dorfman a.k.a. The Lazy Environmentalist. He is a New Yorker with a mission. It's a rather big mission - to save the planet - and he plans to achieve it by fighting the excesses of the wasteful couch potato.

Must quality or cost be sacrificed in order to adopt a green lifestyle? Does being greener mean being geeky? Josh goes on search throughout New York for the answers to questions like these. And with help from other environmental experts we're able to share in his entertaining style of storytelling.

Join us for one of the first screenings outside the USA, of the Sundance Channel's new series, The Lazy Environmentalist. He's sure to help change your wasteful ways...
You'll also be able to chat 'live' with Josh himself during a post screening transatlantic Q&A!

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