World Cup Ice Climbing - Saas Fee, Zwitserland

A nice occasion to visit 'the Boermans' in Grächen, Zwitserland; the World Cup Ice Climbing in Saas Fee. Tim and I would take the opportunity to seize out ice axes and taste the ice in the Saastal and at the same time support the Dutch Climbing Team.

The first day in Grächen Tim and I went just below Saas Fee to a nice gorge where the conditions were as good as can be. To get used to the ice we both climbed two routes and then decided to head for Saas Fee and some warm coffee. In the warm rock of the 'eventhalle' all the climbers and coaches assembled for the ritual meeting of sorting the numbers and having some spagetti supper.

Today Menno, Dick and I went walking to the Hannig hütte and spent some sunny hours walking. After a quick lunch Menno and I ran back to Saas and were in time to watch the Guys of the Dutch Team (Corné Brouwer and Dennis van Hoek) climbing. Below some more pics and more to follow in the coming dayzzzzz.

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