Climate Change?? - Economical Energy !!

In the hausse of news about the climate change, and weather global warming is true of false, one forgets that men (in the sense of the inhabitants of the earth f/m) are capable of huge changes and feats that have impact way beyond our imagination. But on the other hand many, far more catastrophic changes have taken place during the earth's history.

I think it's true that men consume much more than we should, and in that sense we change the 'world'. But to say we can change the climate and make a shift in the global system is much more 'credit' than men should get.

So all in all we should focus on consuming less, including energy. Contrary to the filosophy of Cradle2Cradle where the focus lies on 'consume more' if the equation waste=energy is true.
It's the way of living we should worry about (consuming, production, waste, environmental health) not the amount of CO2 or the global warming that certainly could originate by the earht's system itself.

Anyway, enough of my thoughts and it's time to activate. Check the site of GE (yes.... they company who invest in energy from coal and gas, but also in renewable sources) where you can set your own wind of solarenergy system in motion. Augmented reality plugged into the smartgrid of ecomagination. Above picture is me blowin into the mic of my laptop showing a part of the print I am holding and the 3D picture that my webcam constructed. Nice eh !!

Check this link, download the solar panel marker and get started !!

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