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Last year Maurice and I had the idea to make pay tribute to Wolfgang Güllich by making a Che Guevara-like T-shirt. At Boulderen aan Zee (dutch version) - "bouldering at the sea" for ya Eng-linguists) they were noticed. And how !

This year he went way beyond his first idea and some new goodies are thrown into the world ! The famous red-and-white striped climbing pants of Wolfgang were recreated and who knows can be ordered soon at his site ! Retro climbing lives and who knows will be the next hot thing in the climbing society the coming season.
Check for more info and other climbing-related news at www.fightgravity.nl
(source: where else ! fgthgrvt.nl YO M. you rule !!)

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Han zei

Hi, hw can I get in touch to buy the T-shirt? - han