Petzl Rocktrip 2009 - Millau France

Every year Petzl organises the Petzl Roctrip. The trip normally involves climbers from around the world of all different standards, being bought together somewhere in Europe to climb a crop of fresh new sports climbs.

Last weekend the Petzl Roctrip was taking place at the limestone crags of Millau, France and there was the usual boundless enthusiasm of climbers new routing.

There is a slight element of competition involved in the Roctrip. This normally revolves around which one of the top climbers from around the world can first climb the hardest route on the trip. This year the ‘Ultimate Route’ was Infinity Lane, a 100m long 8c! (see below)
This route being something of a stamina fest was first climbed and flashed by Chris Sharma, the stamina king. Dani Andrada fell a few draws from the top on his first attempt, but the unrelenting length of the route kept most below even this high point.

For more pictures and info go to the Petzl website.

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