Boulderwall for World Cup Eindhoven 2009

Last saturday a dress rehearsal for the World Cup in Eindhoven 2009 was held in MONK (Eindhoven - Netherlands). All the members of the Dutch Climbing team (minus Vera Zijlstra and Wouter Jongeneelen who were at the World Cup in Vail), the wildcard holders and the judges were present for the Try Out (see here for results). Primarily it was a test for the boulder judges to see if we were ready for the real thing. I was the only one with only theoretical experience. And as such the only one to get my first time experience as a judge on a World Cup !! As a dress rehearsal should be, lots of things went wrong. But the rule states the premiere will be flawless !

Ofcourse all the climbers did well to test us and made a lot of 'mistakes' to see if we, the judges, are up for the real thing (thanks Casper and Michiel :P). So besides being serious we had fun as well.
See this link (7th of june) for a post from Nicky de Leeuw (sorry only in Dutch).

After the try out we went to the Klokgebouw where the World Cup 2009 will be held and saw the beautiful and colourful wall for ourself. Check it out ! and be there at the World Cup.

(pictures by paschnampook)

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