Bouldering at the Beach

Woah!! Yesterday the sunday wasn't about lazing on a sunday at all. Although enjoying a pleasant 25 degrees I spend most of the time building sand castles (see above) and transporting sea water to make it sturdy enough. But the good thing is that I love doing that, especially since my daugther enjoys it equally.
And guess what, not even summer yet but BAZ (Boulderen aan Zee or Bouldering at the Sea for ya English linguals) is on it's way !! The last news letter announces august 29 and 30 as the date to remember. Scheveningen beach (The Netherlands) will be the host of the fouth BAZ and it will be a mix of great bouldering problems (hundereds of them), sun (they hope...), sand/sea and exiting finals and a great party.

Enlistment is open from the 17th of may but check the site http://www.boulderenaanzee.org/ for more details. To give an impression of what the finals 2008 looked like go to www.youtube.com/boulderenaanzee
(source: boulderenaanzee.org)

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