Lecture Jerry Moffat in MONK Netherlands

Just as Wolfgang Güllich is a huge example for me Jerry Moffat is the embodiment of motivation and drive. Last saturday he came to MONK, the mother of all boulderfacilities in the Netherlands, and gave a funny and by all means interesting lecture about the two decades he was one of the dominating climbers in the world. A lot of pics of his highlights accompanied by the mantra 'this was me climbing 'this and that', at that time the worlds most difficult route'. I heard it a bit to often to my taste but it was compensated by hilarious bits of footage about his training with Ben Moon in their home based bouldering cellar, luring the monkeys in Hampi with bananas and try to get them to climb boulders and other stuff with Jerry showing of. He likes to do that I figured.
But speaking to him afterwards about climbing in Australia (and if he had climbed Punks in the Gym) he wasn't like that any more. Was is because he has stopped climbing all together (and taking up surfing and playing golf !!). Perhaps the reason is that he couldn't cope with the new climbing standards anymore, e.g. his age didn't allow him to climb the hard grades nowadays?

I wore the T-shirt we made for BAZ 2009 (see pic below) with the picture of Wolfgang and one of his most memorable quotes on it. I pointed it out to him asking if coffee was, as much as is had been to Wolfgang, an essential part of climbing to him. He aswered that it wasn't but that coffee to Wolfgang was as essential as petrol is for a car. Jerry thought the T-shirt was cool and asked where he could get that. I waved to Ad Siemons (from Fuerza Climbing and standing next to us), and said that Maurice and I made it as a rememberance to Wolfgang but that Fuerza probably would start selling the T-shirt later this year. Jerry wrote his address in one of his books (Revelations) and signed it. I'll bet he will get the first one once Fuerza starts manufacturing the T-shirts. By the way Fuerza has ten signed copies of Jerry's new book Revelations for sale !!

We had been bouldering in MONK as well and I have to say that it is the best indoor bouldering experience I have had!! What a great place to be and the magnificent boulderstructures with the even better routes are second best to bouldering the real rock. I'll be back, but sadly enough not to soon. It's a wee bit out of my way to Eindhoven... but if it's possible: 'beam me up MONK!!'.

Pics of us bouldering in MONK will be posted later. To be continued.

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