Rock Climbing for Kids

Last sunday I went to the climbing gym with my nearly 4 year old daughter. We were going to try a climbing harnass this time to see if how she would cope with that. Arriving at the 'klimmuur Haarlem' it was first of all time to bounce up and down the crashpads and run around the place. Before she only climbed bouldering style with me as a spotter. But now I was curious if she would have fun climbing a bit more higher. Once securely hoised in her harness she scrambled up half way and immediately wanted another route with other colours.

Being there with friends and their kids, they climbed (and had fun running around) for two hours!! I turned out to be big fun. The only downside was the harnass she climbed with. The leg loops were not adjustable and quite inconveniently crept into her behind.

A little search on the internet learned there are plenty harnasses with adjustable leg loops. So perhaps in due time we have to buy one. Let's see if they have climbing shoes in size 9....

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